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Steam warns you have until May to grab 3 classic games before they're gone forever

Steam warns you have until May to grab 3 classic games before they're gone forever

Get these 3 classic games for less than £10 before they're gone

All good things eventually come to an end and Steam has warned users that 3 classic games will be leaving the storefront in just a few days time.

With titles leaving their respective homes more and more often in favour of newer titles (and updated license agreements), it is hard to know which games to prioritise.

Another title currently available on Steam is Another Crab's Treasure...

This is why Capcom has revealed that 3 classic titles are set to be removed from Steam this May and will no longer be available to download.

The delisting will see Dark Void, Dark Void Zero and Flock! removed from Steam on 8 May despite Capcom not issuing a statement as to why this will be the case.

However, in an effort to draw more players to the games before they are gone, Steam has lowered their prices quite dramatically with the titles costing £3.24, £1.82 and £2.12 respectively..

Additionally, players who already own any of these titles will still have access to them once they have been delisted.

For those who are not aware of the classic titles, Dark Void is a 2010 third-person shooter which sees humanity face an alien threat which has returned despite humanity beating it once before.

In comparison, Dark Void Zero is an “April Fool’s spin-off” from the main game but rather than a shooter, this one takes the shape of a platformer. Despite originally being released as a joke, it was later released as a legitimate part of the franchise.

Last but not least, Flock! is an indie puzzle game which will see players protect their livestock and cornfields by piloting a UFO around the vibrantly colourful landscapes. With over 50 puzzles to complete and the goal to get your animals back to the “Motherflocker”, this is not one to miss.

All of these titles will see you pay less than £10 and with them leaving Steam soon, you would be missing out by not getting your hands on them.

Featured Image Credit: Capcom/Steam

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