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Steam gamers have one last day to download and keep a free 9/10 banger

Steam gamers have one last day to download and keep a free 9/10 banger

Just a few hours left until this freebie is gone

Steam users have just a few hours to get their hands on a “very positive” title to download and keep forever. Better yet, it’s free so what are you waiting for?

First released back in 2021, Machinika: Museum is a 3D puzzle/mystery game set in a museum where players must “discover beautiful and mysterious machines of extra-terrestrial origins.”

Developed by Littlefield Studio, Machinika: Museum was inspired by old school puzzle game Myst as well as the more recent The Room and The House of Da Vinci.

Players will be tasked with solving puzzles, discovering hidden objects, repairing mysterious devices and finding out the truth behind the artifacts being sent to the museum.

With a mysterious sci-fi atmosphere and story, Machinika: Museum is more than just a puzzle game as players will have to repair ancient alien artifacts in order to unravel the story.

However, it is not going to be an easy ride as you will need sharp logic and a good sense of observation in order to repair the machines and find the missing pieces.

As it stands, the mystery title sits at a “very positive” rating on Steam with players praising its “brain-tickling puzzles” and nods to traditional point-and-click adventures.

One review read: “Plays like a mobile app, but still good for a couple hours of fun puzzles, especially for free. The puzzles aren't super innovative, but offer a nice brain tickle at times.”

Another agreed, saying: “Finally, a game I’ve played that is worthy of a “The Room-like” comparison. Machinika: Museum is a very short little puzzle game (2-3 hours) that borrows from The Room but doesn’t outright steal from it as other titles in the genre have.

It was refreshing to play this game and almost every level put a smile on my face when I found something new.”

Machinika: Museum is free to download for just a few more hours with the offer ending on 27 May.

Featured Image Credit: Steam

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