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Steam 10/10 rated game gets a ton of new free content

Steam 10/10 rated game gets a ton of new free content

A 10/10 Steam game just got a huge free content drop

One of the best things about gaming on PC is that games rarely come to an end when the official content runs dry. And better yet, most of that extra content is free.

Sure, Xbox and PlayStation games are getting more and more mod support and fan-made content, but PC gamers have been dying out on some of the best gaming experiences for years now.

Check out some of the best Valheim wins and fails below!

While we wait for Iron Gate Studio to bring more official content to its runaway viking survival sim Valheim, one dedicated modder has just added a crap ton of entirely new - and free - content to the hit Steam game.

Modder ‘Marlthon’ has put together no less than four content packs for Valheim, introducing a ton of brand-new animals to the game. And before you ask: yes, cats are now in the mix. You can pick up your own pet cat in Valheim, finally.

As reported by DSO Gaming, the four packs add air animals, sea creatures, fishes, and cats. What a wonderful mix.

To be more precise, the Air Animals pack adds the harpy eagle, swan, six kinds of butterfly and for beetle types. The Sea Animals pack adds an orca, dolphins, sharks, crocodile, turtles, seal and penguins. Then there's the Fisher pack, which adds 37 new fish species, seven starfish and one noble crab to the game's fishing system. Finally, the cat pack adds... a bunch of cats. Not sure what else you'd expect from that one.

Valheim's next official major update - Ashlands - was announced back in January, but we're still not sure exactly when it's set to drop. What we do know is that will add an all-new biome, completely with new monsters, bosses, secrets, and other undead-themed horrors. We'll be sure to update you as soon as we know more, but until then? Go install a mod and play with some cats, I guess.

Featured Image Credit: Steam

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