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Starfield meets Fallout in stunning looking sci-fi horror

Starfield meets Fallout in stunning looking sci-fi horror

It's a mystery

Moon Mystery puts a bit of a different spin on why mankind wanted to land on the moon. According to the Steam page for the game, we raced to get there because the moon’s haunted. No, really.

It’s probably got something to do with aliens, or just malfunctioning robots, because the trailer shows off a lot of shooting gameplay, though it’s hard to tell exactly what we’ll be shooting at when the game releases this year. Moon Mystery seems to be a bit of a mystery in and of itself given there’s not a huge amount of information about it yet.

Getting big time Starfield vibes from Moon Mystery

There’s definitely a touch of Starfield to this one as players set out to explore the moon, but I’m also getting Subnautica vibes too. As the game’s blurb notes, “Everyone knows that we landed on the Moon in 1969. Most people don’t know we returned there five more times, despite it being fraught with danger and almost impossible challenges. You see, the Moon's haunted and it's time to return one last time to unravel the mystery of the Silver Globe once and for all.”

So, it seems that humanity has been back and forth to the moon, setting up fancy bases and utilising cutting-edge technology to establish a foothold. From here it’s up to you to puzzle out this mystery, exploring a treacherous landscape riddled with dangers both environmental and from other lifeforms.

From the trailer, it seems this will be an intriguing action game that splits your time between puzzles, platforming, and combat. As the Steam page suggests, there are malfunctioning robots and a present AI, so could we be looking at an AI going rogue? Will we spend most of our time blasting robots into tiny pieces? Hopefully, we’ll find out more soon because this looks like a gorgeous adventure.

Featured Image Credit: Freedom Games

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