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Starfield collides with Stardew Valley in beautiful new Steam game

Starfield collides with Stardew Valley in beautiful new Steam game

Starfield collides with Stardew Valley in beautiful new Steam game

If you have ever wondered what a game that combined the wholesome Stardew Valley with the sci-fi vibes of Starfield would be like then wonder no more as the developers of House Flipper have you covered.

Honeycomb The World Beyond is an upcoming survival adventure game from the developers at Frozen Way and it is set to take the sandbox genre by storm. Set for release in Q3 of 2024, the title sees players based on the planet known as Sota7. It is here you will have to explore its vast environment and face a series of challenges on your bioengineering journey.

Check out the Honeycomb The World Beyond trailer below!

As a bioengineer, you will be able to crossbreed plants or animals, gather resources, craft items and conduct experiments in order to keep nature thriving whilst also thriving yourself.

“Welcome to operation Honeycomb. EON Corp appreciates your contribution to Earth’s survival and would like to kindly remind you that all data you procure should remain strictly confidential,” reads the official Steam synopsis. “Prepare for the unknown in the lush meadows and deep caverns of Sota7, the planet where we hope you can find the key to humanity’ survival. Harness your bioengineering knowledge and make use of the extensive training provided by EON to navigate a world brimming with wonders and mysteries.”

Similar to Starfield in which you can scan a planet’s fauna and flora, Honeycomb The World Beyond differs by then tasking you with working with these specimens in order to create more life. That along with the relaxing crafting and gathering you can do will remind you of titles such as Animal Crossing. Additionally, you will get to set up your very own laboratory and customise it as you would your farm on Stardew Valley.

As Honeycomb The World Beyond is from the developers of House Flipper, we may expect tonnes of customisation for our laboratory and base. However, with the game still in the early stages of development, it may be a while until we discover more details.

Featured Image Credit: Steam

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