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Stardew Valley fans needs to check out former devs upcoming game Sunkissed City

Stardew Valley fans needs to check out former devs upcoming game Sunkissed City

Sunkissed City is an upcoming cosy game from a former Stardew Valley developer.

What is better than Stardew Valley? Even more Stardew Valley! Or at least something very similar. That is where Sunkissed City comes in, an upcoming life-sim game from one ex Stardew developer.

Sunkissed City is an urban life simulation game created by Arthur Lee (AKA Mr. Podunkian), a game developer most known for his work on Stardew Valley. Now going it alone and having worked on the project for the past few years, Lee has finally unveiled Sunkissed City which will see players start a brand-new life in the “seaside metropolis” known as Apollo City.

Check out the Stardew Valley trailer below!

In typical life sim fashion, you will be able to explore the city, make friends, tend to gardens and breathe new life into the world. Available for both single-player and co-op, Sunkissed City is set for a Q4 2024 release with the game’s PC version already available to wishlist on Steam.

“Welcome to your new life in Apollo City, a sun-kissed seaside metropolis that's pumping with funky vibes and quirky characters,” reads the official synopsis. “As a fresh hire for the monolithic Pico corporation's new "Peco Pioneer" pilot program, you've been tasked with fostering a relationship with Apollo's vibrant community and putting in a good word for Pico's new eco-focused initiatives.

But all is not well in these bustling streets. The local wildlife has begun to behave more aggressively, the waters are devoid of life, monsters are pouring out from the sewers, and that's not to mention the constant migraines everyone's been having lately.

Whether you choose to spend a quiet afternoon in the park, snap photos of the local wildlife, turn your hand to fishing or diving into the monster-infested sewers, Sunkissed City is full to the brim with activities to try and of course, there will always be time for romance.

Despite initially coming to PC, Mr. Podunkian is feeling optimistic for a console release “soon thereafter” so watch this space for the next big life sim experience.

Featured Image Credit: Mr. Podunkian

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