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'Star Wars: Rogue Squadron' Could Get A Modern Remaster, If People Want It

'Star Wars: Rogue Squadron' Could Get A Modern Remaster, If People Want It

It sounds like a remake of Rogue Squadron could definitely be on the cards if enough people ask for it, according to game dev team Aspyr.

We’ve definitely not been in short supply of Star Wars games and announcements lately. Earlier this month, LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga finally blessed us with its presence (and has given us the best LEGO game launch of all time), and we also know that we have a Jedi: Fallen Order sequel on the way, as well as the more mysterious Star Wars Eclipse, which we’re probably not going to know a thing about for a good while now. It is what it is. 

Of course though, that doesn’t mean that fans are going to stop asking about a billion other projects, and one person recently took to Twitter to directly ask Aspyr (the team working on the Knights of the Old Republic remake) if we could ever see the classic PC and N64 title, Rogue Squadron, make a comeback. As reported by Nintendo Life, not only did they surprisingly get an answer, but they got a positive one. 

Before we get into it, be sure to take a look at some of the coolest little details found in The Skywalker Saga so far.

“Here at Aspyr we're huge Star Wars fans and love bringing Star Wars games to new audiences,” Aspyr wrote. “For us, it’s all about the games we think players are most passionate about and would love to see brought to new platforms. If the demand is there, we’re on board.”

It doesn’t stop there, either. Julian Eggebrecht, the president of Factor 5 (the original devs of the Rogue Squadron games) also weighed in on the thread, and it sounds like he’d love to see a Switch port happen: “The one for Switch should be the ultimate Rogue. Using every last bit of the Wii, all controllers from Pro to wheel, all levels from Leader & Strike in one as intended, fixed & remixed,” he said. “Multi-player. 1:1 gyro lightsaber combat. 60 FPS. Our ode to Star Wars.”

He continued, adding that the team “loved” making the original games: “To round this off, it should include a remastered Rogue Squadron N64/PC with the high detail ship models from the Wii, and updated textures & shaders. The Force would be strong with that one.”

Those updated Wii models he’s referring to, of course, are the ones from the cancelled remasters that were being worked on for that console, once upon a time. Obviously, a lot would have to be done to those to bring them up to new-gen standards, but there’s no doubt that fans would love to see it happen after all these years. 

Featured Image Credit: Factor 5, LucasArts

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