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Star Wars Outlaws teaser confirms we'll be fighting Death Troopers

Star Wars Outlaws teaser confirms we'll be fighting Death Troopers

We're gonna need more weapons

Star Wars fans won’t have an easy time on their hands when the new game launches.

A purportedly leaked image from Star Wars Outlaws has teased battles with Death Troopers.

Storm Troopers may not be the brightest stars in the galaxy, but Death Troopers are another matter entirely.

How far will you go for freedom in Star Wars Outlaws?

In a “leaked screenshot”, as shown by DSO Gaming, the new Ubisoft title appears to include Death Troopers. However, it isn’t clear if they’re enemies we’ll fight, or simply NPCs we’ll bump into.

To not potentially spoil anything for you, we've decided not to share the image in this article. However, it's not difficult to find elsewhere if you so wish.

As of yet, there’s been no official confirmation that Death Troopers are in the upcoming title, though we expect to know soon.

With Ubisoft’s Forward June 2024 only weeks away, it seems logical to believe the publisher will drop a new trailer for the game.

Even if these infamous bad guys are in the game, the question remains whether it can save the title from the ire already directed towards it.

Not only is the fandom unhappy that Star Wars Outlaws will require the internet to install even if you’ve purchased a physical copy, but they’re also unhappy that one mission is locked behind DLC.

In short, the game isn’t off to a great start for many – and it’s not even launched yet.

A lot can happen between now and its release, mind, and so the hope is that excitement overtakes annoyance as its launch windows edges ever closer.

Currently, Star Wars Outlaws will release on 30 August on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. However, while Epic Games and Ubisoft will have the title available, there’s no sign of a Steam page...

We hope to see Death Troopers, and plenty more iconic enemies, as we join Kay Vess on their adventures through space.

Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft

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