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Star Wars Outlaws will let you seamlessly take off and fly around the galaxy, no transitions needed

Star Wars Outlaws will let you seamlessly take off and fly around the galaxy, no transitions needed

Star Wars Outlaws will allow players to seamlessly fly into space and drive their own ship.

I genuinely can’t stop thinking about Star Wars Outlaws. Out of all the games shown during this summer’s not-E3, it might just be the greatest surprise we got. Who’d have thought that Ubisoft’s open-world Star Wars game would basically end up being GTA in space?

In case you didn’t notice, Outlaws features a wanted system that’s very clearly inspired by Rockstar Games’ iconic action-adventure series, and although we’ve only seen a brief glimpse of it in action, it looks like it could bring a really fun element to the game that other Star Wars games have been sorely missing. Look, the Jedi are cool and all, but there’s something so much more exciting about the idea of travelling around the galaxy as a scoundrel.

Take a look at the gameplay overview of Star Wars Outlaws below.

Speaking of travelling the galaxy, Outlaws will boast yet another brilliant feature which is sure to make roaming space even more thrilling - seamless surface takeoffs. As GamesRadar+ reports, during yesterday’s gameplay overview, we saw protagonist Kay Vess run away from the Empire after a meeting with an Imperial officer went south, and board her ship to get away.

After Kay boards her ship, we see a short cinematic of her firing up the vessel before the game's UI reappears on screen, indicating that the player has once again taken control. What's incredibly impressive though is that as players take off, they'll be able to fly the ship from the surface of a planet, through the atmosphere, and directly into space without the need for a transitional scene. That's impressive.

Outlaws’ creative director, Julian Gerighty, explained that “having this seamless experience of going on foot, to your speeder, to your spaceship and out of the atmosphere and into space” was something which was “very precious” to the devs. Mathias Karlson, the game’s director, doubled down on this and said, “When we sat down thinking about this game, [...] we wanted to offer that full, seamless experience of sitting in the cantina in a city on a planet's surface, jumping on your own speeder, driving to your own ship, and [...] seamlessly flying into space.”

Star Wars Outlaws is set to launch in 2024.

Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft

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