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Star Wars Outlaws' map is several times bigger than Assassin's Creed Odyssey's

Star Wars Outlaws' map is several times bigger than Assassin's Creed Odyssey's

That's no moon

It’s not long until we’ll be able to get our hands on Star Wars Outlaws. Ubisoft studio Massive Entertainment has been hard at work creating planets for us to explore come launch day, and they sound huge.

Speaking to IGN recently, we finally got some news on just how big the planets will be, and how much exploration will go into visiting these places.

We had a little behind the scenes chat with the Star Wars Outlaws developers recently.

From the interview, we know that Star Wars Outlaws will have at least five planets to visit; Tatooine, Toshara, Akiva, Kijimi, and Cantonica.

These planets will form different biomes we’d see in a standard open-world map. For example, we all know Tatooine is a desert planet, while Akiva is covered in lush jungles.

When asked how big these planets would be, the reply was an interesting one. According to creative director Julian Gerighty, “It was less about how big, but more about how long in terms of traversal with the speeder it would be.”

They went on to explain that a planet like Toshara would take several minutes to cross on a speeder, but you would be constantly distracted by places to explore along the way.

Using a comparison to another of Ubisoft’s huge games, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, it was explained that one planet would feel like two or three zones from that game, stitched together. Which is impressive.

It has further been explained that the goal for Star Wars Outlaws was to create more densely populated areas to explore, rather than larger, emptier maps.

So, when playing, you should see more NPCs going about their day, speeders zipping about, and the general hustle and bustle of cities.

We would imagine that for more desolate planets, these areas will feature more points of interest, new alien species, and hidden details tucked out of the way. We’ll find out more on 30 August when the game releases worldwide.

Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft

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