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Fan Fixes One Of The Most Lamented Scenes In 'Book Of Boba Fett'

Fan Fixes One Of The Most Lamented Scenes In 'Book Of Boba Fett'

The reference to the mods of the 1960s was welcomed by some viewers.

The third episode of The Book of Boba Fett, titled The Streets of Mos Espa, has ruffled a few feathers in the Star Wars fandom. In fact, viewers are so upset over the appearance of the cyborg biker gang that are introduced in this chapter that they've given them a makeover.

Here's what happened in the episode, so if you haven't caught up yet, read this article later!

On Tatooine, Fett meets Lortha Peel who hires him to punish those "urchins" who are stealing from his water reserves in the spaceport. Said cyborg biker gang show up riding brightly coloured transports each boasting its own unique weapon and their aesthetic has split the audience. Some liked the reference to the mods of London in the 1960s who embellished their scooters with mirrors, lights, labels and more.

Others saw the colours are antithetical to the ramshackle and rural idea of Tatooine and even compared the characters to the Power Rangers. And the rest of them are ridiculing the argument that it's simply not cricket, not in a galaxy with slug gangsters, the ability to resurrect someone who's been fried to a crisp in a reactor core, and the worst name for a fictional genre of sci-fi jazz ever. Ever.

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Well, however you might feel about the portrayal of the bikers, Reddit user zebasher has taken screenshots of the show and dialled down the vibrancy of their transports and fellow fans prefer the change. Take a look:

My opinion? Thanks for asking. They match the palette of Mos Espa much more with the changes, yet I'm not certain that's the best idea. We're looking at static screenshots here so we'll find that it's easier to track which character is where in the chase scene when we've got a visual clue. Expectedly, fans are still sparring over the divisive style choices. "Teenage delinquents gunna [sic] do teenage delinquent things. Body modification/outlandish fashion and brightly coloured and customised vehicles are literally hallmarks of teenage rebellion for as long as such things have existed, of course Star Wars Galaxy is the same," said jurwell. "It was like watching some teens on scooters harass a salesman trying to escape on a golf cart," criticised Responsible_Ad_8628.

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