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'Spider-Man: No Way Home' Weird CGI Scene Fixed By Amateur Animator

'Spider-Man: No Way Home' Weird CGI Scene Fixed By Amateur Animator

Even if something is great, it can always be better.

The latest in Marvel's Spider-Man films, Spider-Man: No Way Home was a huge critical and commercial success for both Marvel and Sony, but that doesn’t mean it was free of errors. 

With a budget of $200 million, the film had financial backing similar to films like Black Panther and Titanic. In all these films a large portion of the budget - somewhere around half - is used specifically for special and visual effects. To pull off all of Spidey’s special web slinging and combat action, animators and effects artists have to work on the raw footage to make it seem real. While they did an excellent job all round, a few small quirks slipped through the net.

We sat down with Tom Holland to talk about No Way Home. You can see our interview with him in the video below. 

In the scene where Andrew Garfield jumps down off a building to save Zendaya, fans noticed him spring back up from the ground unusually quickly. This is because in the shot ,only Zendaya was filmed and Andrew Garfield was added in post-production to fit in with her movements. As Zendaya bounced up surprisingly fast, so too must Garfield.

Amateur video editor Zamir A. Hernandez wanted to see if he could do anything to improve the scene. However, slowing down the footage to what looked to be a natural pace wasn’t enough. All of the props in the scene, such as smoke and falling debris then moved unusually slowly by comparison. 

A lot of work went into isolating individual parts of the scenery and changing the movement speed, as well as blending all those moving parts together. All of this for what is a very short part of the overall film. However the work Hernandez has done looks great, so we salute you sir.

Featured Image Credit: Marvel / Sony

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