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Spec Ops: The Line director wants a remaster as badly as the rest of us

Spec Ops: The Line director wants a remaster as badly as the rest of us

He confirmed he'll "definitely be diving back into that universe in the future", and would "totally" want to see a remaster happen.

2022 is absolutely packed with notable gaming anniversaries - a few days ago (28 March) marked 20 years of Kingdom Hearts, and both the Final Fantasy and Street Fighter series are celebrating their 35th birthdays this year, too. Perhaps most excitingly in November, everyone’s favourite console, the Wii U, will be turning 10 years old! …Just me who cares about that one? Okay.

Anyway, amongst all that, this year also marks the 10 year anniversary of Spec Ops: The Line. The third-person shooter served as a reboot of the Spec Ops series, and although it didn’t have the most successful release of all time, it went on to cement itself as a cult classic, no doubt thanks to its excellent narrative design. Here at GAMINGbible, we spoke to the game’s creative director, Cory Davis, and asked him if he’d like to see a modern-day remaster of the title - spoiler alert, he does.

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“Totally. And, I don't work with 2K so I'm not afraid to say this: there's a lot of people at 2K that would as well,” he told us. “It's something that there was a lot of competition over, between the developer Yager and 2K, who owns the Spec Ops IP.

“There were, on the business side, things that I wasn't involved with that ended up with Yager and 2K not wanting to work together after the project, and there were conversations about additional campaigns. There were conversations about full sequels. Now more recently, there's been conversations about remastering as well,” he continued. “It's something that I'm starting to tell people, so I don't really care, but I'll definitely be diving back into that universe in the future.”

Did you catch that? That’s right - as well as his hopes for a remaster, Davis is definitely planning on returning to the world of Spec Ops: The Line: “Currently, I'm establishing a world that, I think, speaks to a lot of these elements as well, but with a different kind of perspective to the protagonist. But the world of The Line, and the questions that we asked there, and the kind of honest approach to the scenarios that soldiers find themselves in throughout the world; all of that stuff is still entirely relevant to me. I've never wanted to stop discussing those things.”

So, that’s exciting! There’s no doubt that fans would be super hyped to see any of this come to fruition, so hopefully it’ll happen sometime soon. 

Featured Image Credit: 2K Games, Yager Development

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