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Sony To Unveil New PlayStation Hardware Soon, Says Insider

Sony To Unveil New PlayStation Hardware Soon, Says Insider

A prominent industry insider has claimed that Sony will be revealing new headsets and monitors for PlayStation next week.

Even though it feels like most people are still struggling to get their hands on an elusive PS5, that’s not stopping the rumour mill from turning, and suggesting that an improved model of the console is on its way. Please, Sony, we just want more regular restocks, we’re not ready.

Well, the good news is that we don’t have to worry about being hit with a souped-up version of the console just yet, but we are apparently set to get some new hardware from Sony very soon. According to prominent industry insider Tom Henderson (via eXputer), the company will be revealing three new headsets and two new monitors with “exclusive features for PlayStation” next week. All of these products are reportedly part of “INZONE”, a new brand from Sony.

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The three different headsets (named the INZONE H3, H7 and H9) are all apparently Discord certified, and include 360 spatial sound. Reportedly, the H7 and H9 are both wireless, with the H7 boasting the best battery life, while the H9 (which is the most expensive of the bunch) includes noise-cancelling. On the flip side, the H3 is the cheapest of the three, and is wired. 

As for the monitors, those “exclusive features” reportedly include Auto Genre Picture Mode (basically, they can automatically switch into a mode for gaming which reduces input lag), and Auto HDR Tone Mapping (for automatic optimisation of your HDR settings). Henderson claims that one of the monitors will offer HD gaming at 240Hz, while the other will boast 4K gaming at 144Hz. Both will also apparently include “gaming assist features”, such as displaying your FPS, a viewfinder, and refined brightness and contrast.

At the moment, the actual prices for the various pieces of hardware haven’t been revealed, although some of the features that they’re apparently going to be including make me think that they can’t be cheap. Henderson has also been speculating that Sony could be set to reveal a new PS5 Pro controller soon (although in his latest report covering the headsets and monitors, he added that there’s no actual insider “confirmation” that this is happening). With the reveals of the headsets and monitors apparently happening next week, we don’t have too long to wait and see if the claims are correct.

Featured Image Credit: Kerde Severin via Unsplash, Marcos Ferreira via Unsplash

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