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'Sonic 3' Plot Leak Suggests People's Least Favourite Character Makes An Appearance

'Sonic 3' Plot Leak Suggests People's Least Favourite Character Makes An Appearance

There's a lot going on here.

The plot of Sonic the Hedgehog 3 seems to have been leaked and it mentions three additional characters are arriving on the silver screen - unfortunately, one of them isn't a fan favourite.

Spoilers for Sonic the Hedgehog 2 follow.

Once the Master Emerald is restored and Robotnik's robot threat has been destroyed, the Guardian Units of Nations scour the rubble for the big bad. What they find instead is a set of coordinates that take them to a secret research facility that houses Shadow the Hedgehog. The latest leak from Production Weekly reiterates that the third film will see Shadow step into the light as well as a few more familiar faces.

We got the chance to chat to Ben Schwartz and James Marsden ahead of the release of the second film - check it out below!

"The Team will have to face what Robotnik’s grandfather has created, Project Shadow. Things go from bad to worse when Robotnik obtains the Mini Emeralds from the destroyed Chaos Emerald, and creates his robotic version of Sonic, which will be used for the scientist to get his sinister revenge!" reads the synopsis, summarised on the Sonic-centric website Tails' Channel.

"Teaming up with Shadow, they intend to defeat the Hedgehog once and for all. Through a dimensional portal, different creatures, Amy and Big, show up to help."

So that's Shadow, Metal Sonic, Amy and Big all on board. While some are saying that the plot sounds convoluted with the addition of these characters, others are surprised that Big the Cat made the team and are reckoning that the leak isn't right for this reason. Big is notoriously disliked, specifically for how fiddly the fishing mechanics were in Sonic Adventure, so it's a gamble to bring him back for the film.

You never know, though. Perhaps this is just the opportunity for a Big rebrand. A Big renaissance.

Featured Image Credit: Paramount Pictures

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