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This Skyrim Unreal Engine 5 remake is a thing of beauty

This Skyrim Unreal Engine 5 remake is a thing of beauty

Remade Skyrim is gorgeous

Renowned creator and modder, Leo Torres, has done it again, and created a truly outstanding look at Falkreath from Skyrim using Unreal Engine 5.

This recreation - it could not be reproduced as a 1-to-1 project - makes the area of Skyrim look brand-new and fresher than ever.

Skyrim just never seems to get old and it's the game that keeps on giving

This tech demo is rendered using Unreal Engine 5 (5.3.2, to be exact) and the view is stunning. Torres expresses that “Falkreath was honestly kind of difficult to adapt, not because it was overly complicated, but just because it lacked a particularly unique visual character or style to anchor to.”

Instead, he tried to recreate the sense of the place, using an RTX 3090, to keep the “vibe of the original, while giving an impression of what a more realistic size would be.”

Using a combination of assets and freshly created Blender models, Skyrim has never looked better. The demo utilises features from Lumen for the lighting, Nanite for the foliage and greenery, while DLAA was used for anti-aliasing.

All together, a short video is created and everything looks lush and alive and it’s impressing fans in the YouTube comments, most of whom yearn for The Elder Scrolls 6.

It’s going to be quite a wait for Bethesda to bring us a sequel to Skyrim, but for now, we have these wonderful projects that might give us a sense of what we could potentially see.

The want for games to look like this is strong as one commenter expresses, “Dear God it’s awesome….if someone remade Skyrim in Unreal 5…& charged $100 for it…I’d never hesitate to buy it…” Don’t give Bethesda ideas, they’ve already released the original game on practically every piece of hardware. Who are we kidding, we’d play the hell out of it.

Featured Image Credit: Leo Torres, Bethesda

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