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Skyrim player accidentally finds new 'good' ending to game's darkest quest

Skyrim player accidentally finds new 'good' ending to game's darkest quest

We never considered this move before. More fool us

There are many dark quests to embark on when playing Skyrim.

Bethesda ensured that this Elder Scrolls instalment gave you seemingly impossible choices to decide between.

One such quest is 'The Forsworn Conspiracy’.

It’s a “chaotic experience full of morally grey areas”, and as such, can be hard to conclude and still feel like you sided with the virtuous.

According to one Skyrim player, though, there’s a way to finish this quest without feeling like you sold your soul in order to do so.

Time for another dose of Skyrim's funniest wins and epic fails!

There's a lot of moving parts to this Reddit tale, so we’ll jump to the juicy bit.

“With Markarth purged of both Forsworn and Guards, I decided to end my conquest there and hoped the Jarl would still let me become a Thane,” revealed the OP.

From there they added, “The internet consensus was that there was no ‘winning’ [...] However, after eradicating the corrupt city guard and nearly all of the Forsworn, I couldn't help but feel like I came out on top...”

This doesn’t feel like the same level of victory that the hidden good ending of Skyrim’s most disturbing questline, but it’s certainly up there in the top five.

Fans who’ve never considered this option are grateful for the suggestion.

“Thanks for posting this, I never thought of that as an option,” one player commented. “Currently playing a pure mage so I'll have some damage output, gonna check out this ending for it.”

Another post read, “Well, I know what I'm doing next time I do that quest!”

Sure, you have to kill off a lot of NPCs to make this ending happen, which does leave us wondering if it’s good...

Let’s just call it chaotic good.

Will you be trying this during your next playthrough? We hope it works out for you, we really do.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks

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