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Skyrim has a sweet hidden armour a lot of us never found

Skyrim has a sweet hidden armour a lot of us never found

Go and find that sweet loot

The Elder Scrolls VI may very much be confirmed and real, and yet sometimes I feel as if I dreamt its reveal trailer.

In the six years that have passed since the game was announced, next to nothing has actually happened on the public front.

I say on the public front because, of course, developers are hard at work on the game - and there are even rumours that there’s a primitive early build that’s now playable.

Still, the game is not in a position where anything is yet ready to be unveiled to the fans.

Let’s not forget that developers are also still supporting Starfield.

The game’s first story expansion, Shattered Space, is set to land later this year with another seemingly planned for 2025.

Beyond that, we may see reveals relating to The Elder Scrolls VI slowly ramp up.

It’s a good job that Skyrim is always there to welcome us home in the meantime.

If you do find yourself journeying back to Tamriel, there’s a useful armour set you may not have acquired given that it’s so easy to miss.

ICYMI: Take a look at the trailer for Shattered Space below.

I’m talking about the Ancient Shrouded Armour which is an upgraded variant of the regular Shrouded Armour.

You obtain this armour when completing the ‘Locate the Assassin of Old’ quest but you have to have completed the ‘Breaching Security’ quest in order to be eligible.

‘Breaching Security’ sees you tasked with an assassination. If you complete this quest, Olava the Feeble will kickstart the ‘Locate the Assassin of Old’ mission.

The armour is located in the corpse of an assassin hidden inside a secret room.

You can find this room behind the throne in Hag’s End.

If you’re sitting there thinking that you can visit Hag’s End before beginning this quest, yes, you can but the chain used to open the secret room only appears after Olava’s visit.

If you have the Ritual Stone ability, you can use this to access the room instead but you may as well follow the tried and tested questline method.

Of course, it goes without saying that completing this quest will require fighting off a few foes, but I shan’t spoil all the fun.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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