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Skyrim finally has an Oblivion-style fighting arena

Skyrim finally has an Oblivion-style fighting arena

You can now enjoy an Oblivion-style fighting arena in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

You know what I’m about to say. That’s right: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim continues to be the gift that keeps on giving. Almost 12 years after its release, Skyrim is still packed with great new content. For the most part, that’s thanks to the game’s incredible modding community.

In recent months, Skyrim mods topped 100 million monthly downloads which is a testament to fans’ dedication to this game. There are so many mods to choose from. You can face Doctor Who’s terrifying Weeping Angels if you so wish, or you can totally overhaul the game’s NPCs - making them far more photorealistic. There’s also a very cool Mass Effect inspired mod expansion that adds over 9,000 new lines of dialogue. Ever wondered what Skyrim looks like with over 600 mods applied? We’ve got that covered too. Today though, the latest creation to grace us introduces an Oblivion-style fighting ring.

Take a look at some of our favourite Skyrim wins and fails below.

As reported by Gfinity, the mod is brought to us by Nexus Mods user RedBag. Titled ‘Redbag’s Falkreath’, the mod includes “extremely detailed unique horses, new 4K textures, and an arena you can fight in” in what is, quite obviously, an overhaul of Falkreath. The mod also includes 10 brand new NPCs with five of these being warriors that you face in the arena. The overhaul includes two new residential houses, and three new guard towers, gates, and walls too. In other words, plenty to keep you busy.

The creator promises no loading screens when entering the fighting arena and what’s more is they’re focusing on creating an even bigger and better arena mod in the future. We’ll be keeping an eye on that one.

There is one catch. It’s best to install the mod before beginning a new game save. You can attempt to install this mod mid-playthrough but due to the complexity and ‘invasiveness’ of the files, this can cause stability issues and isn’t recommended. You can download the mod for free from the Nexus Mods site.

Featured Image Credit: RedBag via Nexus Mods, Bethesda

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