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School warns families about Logan Paul & KSI’s Prime after student's 'cardiac episode'

School warns families about Logan Paul & KSI’s Prime after student's 'cardiac episode'

A school has warned families about Logan Paul & KSI’s Prime Energy drink after a student suffers a 'cardiac episode'.

A school has reportedly warned students and their parents against drinking Logan Paul and KSI’s energy drink, Prime Energy, after a student suffered a ‘cardiac episode’.

Prime Energy was unveiled in early 2022 and quickly sold out in the US. The drink then landed in the UK in June and soon hit the headlines after the masses rushed to Aldi in their hordes to try and grab a coveted bottle. It wasn’t long before Prime caught the attention of scalpers, with some selling the energy drink at over £100 a bottle. It retails for just a couple of pounds. One UK store ended up bagging a flavour early before it hit UK shelves, listing the pack for sale for £1,200 prompting a rage-fuelled response from KSI.

As reported by Birmingham Mail (via Dexerto), on 10 May, a school in Wales issued a warning to students and parents following a medical incident. A primary school student was supposedly hospitalised after drinking a can of Prime Energy, prompting a ‘cardiac episode’. One can of the energy drink contains 140mg of caffeine in the UK. To compare, the average cup of coffee in the UK contains around 90mg.

The school wrote, “This morning, a parent has reported that their child has had a cardiac episode over the weekend after drinking a Prime energy drink. The child had to have their stomach pumped and although better now the parent wanted us to share this as a reminder of the potential harmful effects.”

UK primary school pupils age between four and 11 years old. While there are no legal restrictions on the purchasing of Prime Energy and similar energy drinks in the UK, there is a warning on the bottle to say that it should not be consumed by those under the age of 18. Even then, experts warn against excessive consumption.

For your safety, only consume caffeinated drinks responsibly.

Featured Image Credit: Prime Energy

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