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Save Money On ‘Football Manager 2023’ With Our Exclusive Discount Offer

Save Money On ‘Football Manager 2023’ With Our Exclusive Discount Offer

Get your new footie fix and save a few quid in the process

It’s that special time of year again - the new Football Manager game is on the horizon and wannabe Fergies and Wengers everywhere are rubbing their hands together at the fresh prospect of taking Eastleigh or Woking or Halifax or Dorking all the way from the highs of non-league kicking to the lows of 5-0 Champions League defeats away at FK RFS or KF Shkupi. Or, y’know, Napoli. Wherever you need to head for a hiding.

From acclaimed developers Sports Interactive and world-renowned publishers SEGA, Football Manager 2023 is another expertly produced exercise in incredible depth and detail, bringing all the on-the-fly strategies and playing styles of modern football directly to you… So you can mess with it all, create a formation that either emerges 9-0 winners or 0-9 losers and nothing in between, and generally create havoc amongst the beautiful game. And why not, we reckon - be the manager you want to be, whatever the board’s ambitions and the shareholders’ stakes. Be brave - after all, it’s not like you can’t just start over if the fans rebel and the coaching staff resign.

Check out the new trailer for Football Manager 2023 below.

Football Manager 2023 releases on November 8 2022 for PC, Mac, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Series X/S consoles (day one on Game Pass), Nintendo Switch* and Apple Arcade* (*Touch edition). And PC and Mac users can take advantage of an exclusive discount offer on pre-ordering the game, just for dropping by to visit us here at GAMINGbible. 

We’ve teamed up with the fine folks at Fanatical to take an extra 5% off the cost of Football Manager 2023 - so instead of paying an already very attractive £33.74 for the game at Fanatical (less than Steam and Epic Games Store), you’ll pay about £32. Might not seem a lot but every little helps right now, doesn’t it. Simply head to the game’s page at Fanatical and enter the code FM23BIBLE at check out to get your extra saving! That’s the best price you’ll find Football Manager 2023 at, so get clicking, wait a wee while ‘til release day, and then get stuck in... Just don't come crying to us when your 2-2-6 formation doesn't work out.

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Featured Image Credit: SEGA

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