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Russian Dev Forced To Leave Parents' Home For Making Anti-War Game

Russian Dev Forced To Leave Parents' Home For Making Anti-War Game

The developer is making Torn Away, a unique game which follows the tale of a young girl in World War 2, trying to return to her home.

One Russian indie dev has been going viral on Reddit after sharing the anti-war game they’re working on, which has led to them having to leave their parents’ home. The game is called Torn Away, and is set in Europe, during World War 2: “I had to move out of my militarist parents because I'm working on [an] anti-war indie game in Russia,” u/marshywoodlands wrote. “It’s sad, but this is the way.”

Check out the trailer for Torn Away below.

Torn Away is an interactive story with a unique blend of adventure games, side-scrollers, and cinematic first-person sequences,” the official synopsis on Steam reads. “See the tragedy of World War 2 through the eyes of a child and survive without losing what makes us human in this war-torn world, where only the strongest prevail.”

The story follows a young girl called Asya, who must sneak through Germany and Poland in order to return to her home. As for the gameplay, it combines stealth mechanics with point-and-click, as well as platforming levels. It genuinely looks gorgeous, too - others on Reddit have been pouring out their support.

“Stay safe, [anti-war] sentiment and criticism no matter how well veiled, is no joke in Russia in these times. Your game and its message is shaping up fantastically,” wrote DranDran. “The storytelling looks like it’s going to be remarkable. I’ll be sure to wishlist it,” commented SomebodysVice.

You can wishlist Torn Away on Steam right now, here.

Featured Image Credit: perelesoq

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