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Rockstar's GTA 6 teaser leaves fans feeling heartbroken

Rockstar's GTA 6 teaser leaves fans feeling heartbroken

Fans were even theorising that the trees looked like the titles for the game.

The Grand Theft Auto community are somewhat agitated over a simple retweet from Rockstar Games that was mistakenly assumed to be an announcement about the next game. In fact, they're so annoyed that a dw of them reckon that the developer is definitely doing this on purpose.

Personally speaking, I'm content to err on the side of caution here seeing that the hack was so devastating for the developer. "I’ve spoken to a couple [of] sources at Rockstar Games this morning and they are all gutted. Devastated," said YouTuber LegacyKilla about the security breach that revealed the playable protagonists, setting, mechanics, levels and more. It would be uncharacteristic, therefore, to waggle nonexistent content about the next game in front of the fans. Right? You see what I'm saying.

Why don't we all calm down and eat some fruit. Here's a compilation of the most ridiculous Grand Theft Auto wins and fails from around the Internet.

The post from user timothybrooks7 to the Grand Theft Auto VI subreddit shows how they were confused by this retweet from the official Rockstar Games Twitter account. Unfortunately, the email notification cropped off the context of the post and they saw the palm trees first, which are often associated with Vice City. "Opened my Mailbox to 'Rockstar games tweeted' and saw the sky and palm trees and my heart dropped…. Then I saw #GTAV. I really feel like they’re just toying with us now," they said.

"The comments underneath theorising how the palm trees look like a VI," joked ClassroomWarm. "Yes, and RT doesn't mean Retweet here. It means REVEAL TIME," added shrutedwightscott, to which timothybrooks7 replied: "Nah nah dawg it mean[s] REVEAL TOMORROW!"

At least a few of them do have a sense of humour. Imaginably, digital security has been dialled up to eleven in the Rockstar Games' offices, so the next time we see Grand Theft Auto VI, it will be on the team's terms.

Featured Image Credit: Take-Two Interactive

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