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Regular Show Pops actor Jesús Barreda has died

Regular Show Pops actor Jesús Barreda has died

Jesús Barreda, who provided the Spanish dub voices for Regular Show's Pops and TLOU2's Jesse, has died at the age of 60.

Spanish voice actor Jesús Barreda has sadly died at the age of 60, five months after publicly announcing his cancer diagnosis.

Barreda provided the Spanish dub voices for a plethora of iconic characters, including Pops in Regular Show, Cat Noir in Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir, and Jesse in The Last of Us Part II.

As MundoNOW reports, the Union of Dubbing Artists of Madrid (ADOMA) announced the news on Friday (21 April). It tweeted (translated by Google): “Comrades, with all the pain in our hearts we have to inform you that our beloved Jesús Barreda has passed away. All our love to your family and friends. Always in our hearts and in the hearts of the characters you brought to life. Rest in peace.”

On Barreda’s own Twitter account, a tweet written in the character of Cat Noir was posted to say goodbye to his fans. Translated by Google, it reads: “Hi guys… I'm on a secret mission in heaven, taking care of the kittens… behave and be good, I'll be watching you from the clouds. RIP.”

According to MundoNOW, Barreda first posted about his cancer diagnosis last November. At the time, he said: “The worst news… but we are going to start the fight against cancer next week. A Barreda does not give up so easily. And we will continue working, of course.”

On 22 April, in a tweet posted to Barreda’s Twitter account, the actor’s family gave their thanks for fans’ kind words and condolences: “The mother and sisters of Jesús want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the expressions of affection and all the affection received in these sad and dark days,” they wrote (translated via Google). “Also to all his friends and colleagues. Our hearts are full of love to see how much you love him[,] THANK YOU.”

Here at GAMINGbible, our thoughts go out to Barreda’s family and friends at this difficult time. May he rest in peace.

Featured Image Credit: Cartoon Network, jesusbarreda53 via Instagram

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