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'Red Dead 2' Player Stumbles On A Horrifying Secret About The Mutant

'Red Dead 2' Player Stumbles On A Horrifying Secret About The Mutant

No thanks. I choose life.

Did you feel like sleeping tonight? Well, we've got just the bedtime story for you. A Red Dead Redemption 2 player was digging into the cut content for the game and discovered that the Manmade Mutant was intended to be an actual character that moves about and such. That implies, therefore, that the creature could have been let loose into the Wild West and that's just too terrifying to comprehend.

The Manmade Mutant, to those who missed out on this strange creation in their playthrough, is found inside a grand yellow mansion in the Van Horn Trading Post in New Hanover. Someone with a scientific fixation applied their skills to the grafting of different animals to one hybrid body, naming it the "Immensa Creatura" in diagrams scattered in the mansion's kitchen. While there is the mention of a human and boar skull being fused together, the body itself doesn't appear to have human parts, at least on the outside. Additionally, the creator says that the body parts are all on ice, meaning that they have been cleaved from the origin with the hope that they are reanimated in this Immensa Creatura.

Let's take a break here and dive into some wins and fails from the most inventive of Red Dead Redemption 2 players!

Freaky. Freakier still is the realisation that Rockstar Games might have had this thing suddenly come to life, break out of its restraints and charge towards the player. Reddit user No_Interaction4027 shared a number of cut content ped models - "ped" being short for "pedestrian" - with the community and the creature is among these discoveries. Personally, I think it would have been scarier to see this animal, inert in the room, then do a little more exploring of the mansion and return to see that the Immensa Creatura has gone on a walkabout.

And imagine if that was strolling the hills in the middle of the night. One player even suggested that the fact that the Manmade Mutant has a ped model might have meant that it would have been the star of the show in an Undead Nightmare 2. Let's not give Rockstar Games any ideas, eh?

Featured Image Credit: Take-Two Interactive

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