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'PUBG' Creator Shares First Look At His "Planet-Sized" Open World

'PUBG' Creator Shares First Look At His "Planet-Sized" Open World

We've never seen anything quite like it

Brendan "PlayerUnknown" Greene, creator of battle royale PUBG: Battlegrounds, has revealed a first look at his ambitious new project: Artemis.

Greene announced Artemis late last year, describing it as an all-new video game which aims to use machine learning to craft an open-world roughly the same size as Earth. Sounds like... a lot, right?

"This kind of desire to have a digital life is strong in a lot of gamers," Greene told VentureBeat at the time. "Providing this space where it's a big enough world - I love Rust, but if you play on a busy server there are bases every few meters. I want a space where you don't discover a player's base for miles. Or when you do it's a big settlement rather than a box."

Greene added that he wants the world to properly reacts to what players do within it. Giving an example, he suggested that killing all the bears in a region might cause the deer population to boom.

This incredibly ambitious experiment is obviously years away from being finished, but it seems Greene is making progress. Over on Twitter, he shared a rough proof of concept for the upcoming Prologue, a demo version of Artemis that will give players a smaller slice of what he's trying to achieve.

Greene explains this tech demo of "64x64km runtime generated terrain,” was created and filmed last year. He adds that it's what gave him “the confidence to think about planet-sized worlds and the possibilities they could afford players.”

Oh, and if you're wondering just how large a virtual space 64x64km is, Assassin's Creed Odyssey's massive recreation of Ancient Greece is about 16kmx6km. So yeah, Greene has created something pretty bloody massive here. Let's just see if it can be translated into a game that's actually engaging to play and explore, shall we?

Featured Image Credit: PlayerUnknown

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