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Power Rangers Introduces New Non-Binary Character, The Death Ranger

Power Rangers Introduces New Non-Binary Character, The Death Ranger

The Death Ranger didn't have to go this hard

The Power Rangers universe is set to get even more exciting with the arrival of the Death Ranger, the Power Rangers' new non-binary Ranger. Yes, that name goes hard. Just wait till you see what their costume looks like.

The Death Ranger is set to make their debut in a brand-new one-shot comic book expanding on the history of the Omega Rangers.

Last week publisher BOOM! Studios unveiled a new comic called Power Rangers Unlimited: The Death Ranger #1, which will introduce the new character and show exactly how the Omega Ranger became corrupted.

For those that aren't steeped in Power Rangers lore, the Omega Rangers are an ancient team of Rangers who used their elemental powers to fight against cosmic threats.

Our new friend the Death Ranger will make their full debut in just a few weeks, with writer Paul Allor promising a heartbreaking origin for the former hero.

"The legendary Omega Rangers defended the universe from evil thousands of years ago, the six of them using their elemental powers to protect others from sinister forces," teases the official synopsis. "But that all changed when one key member turned on the others, seduced by the death-defying powers of the Rangers' greatest foe."

Power Rangers Unlimited: The Death Ranger #1 will be available in all good comic book stores from August 31.

Featured Image Credit: BOOM! Studios

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