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Post Malone Attempts Backflip During Charity Livestream, Fails

Post Malone Attempts Backflip During Charity Livestream, Fails

During a recent charity stream, Post Malone attempted a backflip and it didn't quite go to plan.

If you’re going to stream on Twitch, then you need to expect the occasional mishap. It’s simply the way of life. From time to time, things will go wrong and when I say wrong, I mean disastrously. Recently, streamer xQc lost a whopping $800,000 mid-stream due to a technical bug, and Logan Paul got bitten in the balls by his dog during a live workout. Ouch.

Another streamer managed to set their kitchen on fire whilst cooking up a meal, and a Call of Duty LAN party ended an actual brawl. I’m sure you get the idea? Twitch can be a wildly chaotic place and now, musician Post Malone added further evidence to that claim after he performed a terrible… well… let’s call it a move.

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Just a few days ago, Post Malone took part in a charity stream and whilst playing Apex Legends, he promised viewers that he’d have a go at doing a backflip if he reached his goal of $50,000 raised. The funds were for United Way, a global charity which helps those struggling to access education, income, and healthcare.

As the musician approached his goal, he started to back away from the promise, putting doubt into viewers' minds over whether Malone was actually capable of a backflip. The thing is, viewers had donated their money, so in the end, Malone was forced to follow through on the promise and the result was… something. Take a look below (thanks to Reddit user DyxtroyzzDI).

To call this a fail would be an understatement. To be fair, if you’ve never done a backflip before, it’s just not going to happen, is it? But there’s no flipping motion at all here. Before the attempt, Malone teased, “I said that I would attempt a backflip. This floor is mad hard in here y’all.” I’d call it more of a wild kick but even then, I think that’s me being generous. Well done to Post Malone though for a successful fundraiser. The flip leaves something to be desired though.

Featured Image Credit: Post Malone via Instagram, 20th Television, Post Malone via Twitch

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