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Pokimane Announces She Feels Done With Twitch, Says It's No Longer “Fulfilling"

Pokimane Announces She Feels Done With Twitch, Says It's No Longer “Fulfilling"

Pokimane returned from a month-long break to announce that she will be stepping back from streaming on Twitch going forward

Imane "Pokimane" Anys has been a mainstay streamer on Twitch for years now. She’s quite easily one of the most recognisable faces from the platform - with over nine million followers (at the time of writing), it’s quite hard to imagine the place without her.

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Well, fans might have to, soon. As reported by PC Gamer, Pokimane has announced that she doesn’t feel Twitch fits into her lifestyle as well as it used to, and she wants to avoid feeling the “pressures” of being a full-time streamer

“I feel like other platforms fit into my lifestyle nowadays a little bit better," she said. “I hope it doesn't sound big-headed of me to say, but nowadays when I see things on Twitch, it kinda feels like 'been there, done that’. […] All in all, it feels like I don’t really wanna participate in the rat-race that is streaming, to be honest.

“When I wake up nowadays, I don't want to run to my PC and game for eight hours straight,” she continued. “There's such a pressure on streamers to follow every trend, to capitalise on viewership, to stream longer than the guy next to them. It’s just a hyper-competitive industry. But ultimately, the reason I say this is because I'm just at a point in my life that it doesn't feel creatively fulfilling to feed into that anymore.”

While she hasn’t announced that she’s totally leaving Twitch, it certainly sounds like fans are going to be seeing her significantly less going forward.

Featured Image Credit: Pokimane via Instagram, Twitch

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