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Pokimane Announces New Company Aiming To "Fix" The Gaming And Esports Industry

Pokimane Announces New Company Aiming To "Fix" The Gaming And Esports Industry

Imane Anys has announced her part in RTS.

In case you missed it, Twitch streamer Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys has been teasing the “biggest announcement” of her career. She dropped a hint that it was something to do with a company, but that’s all we knew until yesterday when she officially announced herself as part of a new company - RTS.

RTS “helps creators, brands, and publishers make a long-term impact across the gaming industry.” It’s a multifaceted agency that has three ways to aid people wanting to make changes (or just succeed in business) in games, and Pokimane is at the centre of the business as its Chief Creative Officer. Fancy.

The post announcing the position says that RTS "sets course to fix the gaming and esports industry chiefly around evolving the creator business model, avoiding bad brand deals, and developing sound esports strategies."

First of all, RTS says it’s committed to helping “you grow, develop new opportunities, and make your life as a creator better by building a management team around you.” Right now, the brand only has one official client, Pokimane, but her presence on the team will do more than enough to draw others to it. I mean, who else will have a better understanding of the creator scene than one of the biggest streamers on the planet? 

Secondly, RTS aims to work with brands to connect with gaming communities and grow engagement. It says it “work[s] with the biggest brands to tap into the power of esports, creators, and the wider gaming community. Our partners leave their mark with authentic and innovative integrations delivering long term ROI.”

Thirdly, RTS will work with publishers, esports orgs, and other gaming businesses directly to guide them in the gaming space. “We work across the industry to support, grow, and innovate some of the most exciting tournaments, broadcasts, and partnerships globally” which links into perhaps the most surprising part of this new company’s assets. It co-owns EVO. Sorry, excuse me?

EVO is the fighting tournament. If you’re really good at almost any fighting game, you also have the dream of appearing on a stage at EVO. And somehow RTS now co-owns the event with Sony. We already knew that Sony had a hand in buying the business, and back then RTS was just a name - a new business backed by Endeavor but now we know Pokimane was in on that move behind the scenes.

Featured Image Credit: Pokimane

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