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Pokémon's most popular monster crowned in massive 2024 poll, is hardly a surprise

Pokémon's most popular monster crowned in massive 2024 poll, is hardly a surprise

A new Reddit poll has revealed the most popular Pokemon of the year

A new reddit survey has collected the favourite Pokémon of the unofficial Pokémon reddit, and what Pokémon they would have as part of their team, and the top result is unlikely to surprise you.

The survey had almost 3000 different responses, with every response giving six different Pokémon that could be part of that persons Pokémon team. Shockingly, Pikachu doesn't even crack the top 28 list that was put together by collating the results of the survey, though Raichu, Pikachu's final evolution, does make it in at number 22. The top ten Pokemon as chosen by users of the Pokémon Reddit as as follows:

  1. Charizard
  2. Bulbasaur
  3. Gengar
  4. Umbreon
  5. Eevee
  6. Flygon
  7. Gardevoir
  8. Metagross
  9. Swampert
  10. Snorlax

Worth of note is the fact that within the top three is two different Pokémon that were available as starters or evolved from starter Pokémon in the very first Pokémon game, those being Charizard and Bulbasaur. Meanwhile, Squirtle isn't in the top 28 of the list at all, suggesting that fans of the game don't think of the cute little turtle in very high regard. The top ten Pokémon based on how many times they featured in the six Pokémon that the survey asked for, however, changes things up a little bit, though Charizard still comfortably sits at the top of the list. That list is as follows:

  1. Charizard
  2. Gengar
  3. Gardevoir
  4. Umbreon
  5. Lucario
  6. Rayquaza
  7. Metagross
  8. Flygon
  9. Bulbasaur
  10. Swampert

The main thing worthy of note here is that Bulbasaur only just makes it into the top ten, suggesting that while a lot of people chose Bulbasaur as their favourite Pokémon, not as many of them actually put Bulbasaur in their actual Pokémon team, while many of them did put Charizard in their team (probably due to the fact that fire is powerful against several elements, and it's useful to have somebody like Charizard in your team at all times).

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo

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