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​'The Last Of Us Part 2' Video Compares In-Game And Real-Life Seattle

​'The Last Of Us Part 2' Video Compares In-Game And Real-Life Seattle

You won't believe how accurate it is

Vikki Blake

Vikki Blake

For those of us who have played through Naughty Dog's highly-anticipated sequel The Last of Us Part II but don't know Seattle well enough to discern how accurately the city has been recreated, this video compares the game's version of Seattle with the real-world city.

In a new video, YouTuber ElAnalistaDeBits (thanks, GameRant) takes the real-world images of several key locations from the game and places them alongside their in-game counterparts. It shows just how closely Naughty Dog worked to replicate the real Seattle, albeit with a little creative license in the areas where nature has reclaimed the city.

Here, take a look for yourself (and if you haven't finished and are worried about spoilers, panic not - this video is reportedly spoiler-free):

"Dude I've lived in Seattle for over 10 years and I've walked up and down these streets so many times and to see it in a post-apocalyptic setting just blew my mind last night I literally had to get off the game and think about this real hard," said one commenter.

"Imagine entering your home, to loot your own stuff, and then you find yourself, a s[k]eleton, on the couch, holding a ps4 controller, in front of the tv...," added another.

The Last of Us Part II /
Sony Interactive Entertainment

The Last of Us Part II is out now, exclusively on PlayStation 4.

"What I find myself contemplating the most after finishing The Last Of Us Part II, is that much like the game's story, I'm still conflicted," Mark said in the GAMINGbible The Last of Us Part II review. "It's a game of several fundamental improvements - breath-taking graphics, mechanics that are a joy, outstanding performances across the board, and the sense of a deeper world having been built upon. But there's still the glaringly obvious issue of the story's wonky pacing, and what you actually do to advance it.

"As a video game sequel, it ticks all the boxes of being bigger and better with more to say. But as a story, as an experience following one of the most critically acclaimed tales ever told in this medium, it sits uncomfortably on a knife's edge, waiting for the passage of time to pull it one way or the other."

What other games do you think have best captured real-life locations? We want to know - join our community and talk to us via Facebook and Twitter.

Featured Image Credit: The Last Of Us Part 2 (Credit: Naughty Dog, Sony)

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