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PlayStation Plus drops free games with over 530 hours of gameplay

PlayStation Plus drops free games with over 530 hours of gameplay

PS Plus is the gift that keeps on giving!

With hundreds of games in the PlayStation Plus library, subscribers will always have many choices, especially those on the Extra and Premium tiers.

This week, Sony dropped its latest lineup of games for PS Plus Extra and Premium subscribers, offering a total of 17 new games to play in August 2023. It even included two games that will launch on the service, namely the turn-based RPG Sea of Stars and Moving Out 2. Though it must be stated that Sea of Stars will arrive a little later than the rest of the batch.

Check out the Lost Judgment story trailer below!

Some of the highlights of PS Plus Extra and Premium tiers for August 2023 include the likes of Destiny 2: The Witch Queen, Lost Judgment, and Two Point Hospital: Jumbo Edition. We also have some classic games to enjoy with MediEvil: Resurrection, Ape Escape: On the Loose, and Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice, all three of the latter were originally PSP games.

That being said, as the title of this article suggests, based on the PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium August 2023 games alone, we can expect over 530 hours of gameplay fun. Talk about value! The estimated data was calculated from How Long to Beat.

However, it should also be stated that with Sea of Stars and Moving Out 2 not being released at the time of writing, we’ve estimated the times based on similar turned-based RPGs as well as the original Moving Out game.

In terms of what’s available now, using the examples mentioned above, Destiny 2: The Witch Queen can take anywhere between 12 to 30 hours to finish depending on your play style. Lost Judgment, the Yakuza/Like a Dragon spin-off can have you easily spending between 20 to over 100 hours in its world. As for Two Point Hospital: Jumbo Edition, you could quite literally spend countless hours replaying this management sim time and time again, even without its bundled expansions.

The PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium games will be available on Tuesday, 15 August with Sea of Stars arriving on Tuesday, 30 August.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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