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PlayStation 'infinite' free store credit 'glitch' uncovered by players

PlayStation 'infinite' free store credit 'glitch' uncovered by players

PlayStation 'infinite' free store credit 'glitch' uncovered by players

It’s no secret that video games are getting more and more expensive in recent years. With many of us turning to subscription services such as PlayStation Plus to access games more affordably, one subscriber may have just discovered an ‘infinite’ free store credit glitch.

Alongside PS Plus, PlayStation users can also sign up to PlayStation Stars, a loyalty programme which will reward you with limited release digital collectables or points. Although you can sign up for this service on its own, you can also pair it with PS Plus to earn extra points with every eligible purchase made on the PlayStation store.

Check out the Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice trailer below!

As you can probably guess, points can be exchanged for PSN wallet funds so if you earn enough points, you will be able to purchase a game for next to nothing or even free. Now according to one player on r/PlayStationPlus, you can earn points without even knowing it, just as long as you are subscribed to the loyalty programme.

“Just redeemed 5,000 PlayStation Stars points for a 20 gift card. Why is any other reward offered?,” they wrote. “I forgot I even enrolled in the programme but I got an email that I leveled up somehow so I checked my account and saw I had points. I used my 5000 points for a £20 gift card. Question: Why would I or anyone else spend 15,000 points on Sekiro, which is a £30 game every sale versus getting a £60 gift card for 15000 points? Very flawed system.”

As you can see, ‘earning’ 5000 points will allow you to redeem a £20 gift card and so on. This means that just by being subscribed to the programme, you can earn points which in turn could allow you to purchase some expensive titles. It may be a while for the points to accumulate, but it is definitely worth it for games on your wishlist.

It doesn’t seem like the best marketing technique for Sony but if it results in free games, then sign me up.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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