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Here's The PlayStation 5 Lying On Its Side, In Case You Were Wondering

Here's The PlayStation 5 Lying On Its Side, In Case You Were Wondering

Important information, clearly.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

How many people actually stand their PlayStation consoles up vertically? I'm not judging you, I'm just genuinely curious. I've never met anyone, from PlayStation 2 to PlayStation 4, who didn't have their console lying flat on its side. Vertical always seemed... wrong, at least to me.

Maybe that's why last week's PlayStation 5 reveal felt a bit off. After all this time, the grand unveiling of Sony's next-gen console saw it propped up like the Tower Of Sauron, quickly spawning a ton of memes in the process. Don't get me wrong, I like it - but I really had to dig around to find any images of the console lying on its side, which is absolutely the way I intend to display it.

The good news is that it actually looks pretty damn cool lying horizontally. Or at least cooler than it does standing up. It's still a curvy bit of kit, so I can only apologise if you've yet to make your peace with that particular aspect of its aesthetic.

Anyway, drink it in below. I don't really know what much more to say about this. You clicked to see the PS5 on its side. Here it is. Our transaction is completed.

PS5 /

As you can probably see if you look closely, the console seems to lying on a small stand. Presumably that's how we'll be able to lie its curvy side flat without it wobbling all over the shop. It also looks to be the same stand that's used to prop the console up in the images where it's standing vertically, so I guess you can just slide the stand in a certain way to display the console as you see fit.

In other PlayStation 5 news, the thorny issue of price has been discussed a lot this week. PlayStation boss Jim Ryan first said that "value" will be put before "price", whatever that means. A former Xbox executive then suggested that there's "no way" the console will be more than $499, which is encouraging.

However,a leaked Amazon listing then claimed that the console will be €499.99 and release on Friday, November 20th. €499.99 is roughly $560, which is obviously considerably more than $499. At this point, Sony really just needs to come out and tell us how much this thing is going to cost so we can stop speculating and start saving. Maybe then Microsoft will finally reveal the Xbox Series X price, too.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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