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God of War Nearly Gave Kratos A Warrior Daughter, Years Before Atreus

God of War Nearly Gave Kratos A Warrior Daughter, Years Before Atreus

Goddess Of War.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

2018's God of War was a bold and brilliant reinvention of the popular PlayStation franchise. SIE Santa Monica Studios made the brilliant decision to give Kratos a whole new outlook on life by saddling him with an unexpected new status quo in which he was the sole carer for his son, Atreus.

The Ghost of Sparta had been a father before, of course, but we all know how that ended. Badly. Very badly. So badly, in fact, that Kratos embarked on the blood-soaked murder quest that was the original trilogy. Atreus forced Kratos to grow as a character and reckon with his violent past, providing the previously one-note protagonist with fascinating new depths.

As it turns out, the God of War studio had intended for Kratos to have another crack at fatherhood years before Atreus came along. In celebration of SIE Santa Monica's 20th Birthday, the team has been sharing a ton previously-unseen concept art that reveals a number of unused designs for a female warrior character who was apparently supposed to be Kratos' daughter.

Check her out below. Yes, that armour is impractical in the same infuriating way that all fantasy video game armour designed for women seems to be. Are they trying to save money on materials? I just don't get it.


According to former concept artist Erik San Juan, the Amazonian Warrior from God of War: Ascension was based off of drawings for a character that was meant to be Kratos' daughter

In a blog post detailing the character, former Santa Monica Erik San Juan revealed that the Amazonian Warrior from God of War: Ascension was based off these original drawings. Drawings that were meant to be for a playable version of Kratos' daughter.

"With the mysterious fate of Kratos at the end of God of War 3, we knew we wanted to give him a successor," he wrote. "A new hero who would go looking for him."

"Not unlike the most recent entry in the series, we imagined that he had a hidden daughter and began sketching ideas of what she would look like. Other ideas we tossed around were using Artemis as the focus with similar rage and vengeance as Kratos - even concepting her to be a Centaur with magical powers!"

God of War
God of War

"Once we knew we were bringing back Kratos in a Prequel these designs would later evolve into the Amazonian Warrior that we see in Ascension."

You can check out a ton of old character designs here. It's a super interesting read, but the idea that Kratos was supposed to have a daughter years before Atreus was ever even discussed is super interesting. Although, if we'd had a father/daughter combo all those years ago, we might never have gotten 2018's God of War. That doesn't bear thinking about, to be honest.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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