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PlayStation drops two gorgeous free downloads you can claim without PS Plus

PlayStation drops two gorgeous free downloads you can claim without PS Plus

Don't miss out on these freebies

PlayStation Stars members are in for another treat with two gorgeous downloads you can claim for free right now. Don’t worry, there’s no catch.

If you didn’t already know, PlayStation Stars is Sony’s latest loyalty programme which rewards PlayStation users with points they can use to exchange for free store credit, or in this case, some pretty nice digital collectibles.

Check out the trailer for Dredge below!

Points can be earned simply by playing select games, completing in-game challenges or making purchases via the PS Store to name a few. As a result, points are easy to rack up and saving quite a few can even see you getting your hands on some free games in the future.

If you are looking to spend those points a bit sooner, then PlayStation is giving members the chance to get their hands on the Days of Play Display case which can be used to showcase any collectibles you redeem in the future.

Luckily enough, one such collectible is also up for grabs this June in the shape of the Dredge boat. As you can probably guess, this boat has been taken from 2023’s fishing game Dredge and can be displayed on your display case as of this month.

Additionally, if you are yet to play Dredge, it is now free to play for all PlayStation Plus Extra members and we at GAMINGbible would definitely recommend this Lovecraftian single-player adventure.

Our review read: “Taken purely as a fishing game, Dredge is good fun for a few hours - if nothing new. But when that already engaging loop of upgrades and new discoveries is expertly woven into an atmospheric Lovecraftian tale of unfathomable horrors, it suddenly becomes one of the best video games of 2023.”

So don’t miss out on both Dredge and its available collectible this month courtesy of PlayStation Plus and PlayStation stars.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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