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'Dead Space' Writer Teases Reveal For PlayStation 5 Event

'Dead Space' Writer Teases Reveal For PlayStation 5 Event

What could it be?

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

Dead Space writer Antony Johnston has some exciting news to share with us all. He's been working on a "big" video game for around two years now... and that in "totally unrelated news", we should all check out the PlayStation Future Of Gaming event that's happening this Thursday (June 11th)

It doesn't take a genius to work out what Johnston is telling us, does it? Whatever he's been working on for the past few years is set to be revealed during tomorrow night's PlayStation 5 reveal event, an hour-long stream during which we'll see some of the PS5 games we'll be playing later this year.

What could Johnston be working on then? My immediate hope would be that he's returned to the long-dormant Dead Space franchise for a reboot or sequel, but I know how unlikely that is. Unless the series has changed hands in secret, the rights to Dead Space remain with EA, a company that has expressed no desire to revive the outer space survival horror.

A follow-up tweet from the writer teased that we'll be playing as a character who's "having a really bad time", which certainly makes it sound like it could be Dead Space. But that could also be a description for any survival horror - or really most games - so it doesn't narrow things down much.

We'll just have to tune into the PlayStation show tomorrow night at 9pm BST to see what we see. No doubt there'll be plenty of surprises, and hopefully some familiar franchises making a return.

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For instance, one tweet from a senior member of staff at God Of War studio Sony Santa Monica has people thinking that the stream will see God Of War 2 revealed. But with one day to go until one of the biggest and most-anticipated gaming events of the year so far, people are bound to get a little over-excited right? Speculation always reaches fever pitch right before these kinds of announcements.

What I'm saying is don't go in expecting God Of War 2 or a new Dead Space. Set you expectations fairly low now, and you can only be pleasantly surprised by whatever happens tomorrow.

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