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PlayStation will never abandon single-player story driven games, says boss

PlayStation will never abandon single-player story driven games, says boss

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If PlayStation is known for doing one thing really well, it's single-player story driven experiences.

While Nintendo and Xbox certainly aren't strangers to unforgettable stories and must-play single-player adventures, many gamers agree that PlayStation do it just that little bit better than the competition.

Over the last few years, we've had some real winners from PlayStation.The Last Of Us. Bloodborne. Marvel's Spider-Man. God Of War. Ghost Of Tsushima. Horizon Zero Dawn. Days Gone if you recently banged your head and forgot what good stories look like.

With Sony making it clear it intends to further explore what it can do in the live service space, there's been some understandable concern about what that means for its single-player PlayStation output. We know we've got sequels to games like God Of War and Marvel's Spider-Man on the way, but will the PlayStation 5 see such titles take a back seat to yet more online multiplayer guff?

Not according to PlayStation Studios head Herman Hulst. In a new interview with Axios, Hulst acknowledged that the company is “diversifying”, but will never abandon single-player experiences.

“We have a history and a reputation for building these incredible narrative-driven single-player games, such as The Last of Us and Horizon and the upcoming God of War Ragnarok,” Hulst said. “Some of our biggest titles in the single player narrative-driven space are also our most profitable titles."

He added that Sony has no intention of leaving behind the millions of players still using PS4, suggesting that there could be more cross-gen releases like Ragnarok and Horizon Forbidden West in the future.

“We certainly don’t want to forget the millions of active players on PS4, and we want to ensure there are great games for them as well,” he said. “We’re evaluating it on a case-by-case basis.”

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