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Cancer Patient Has PlayStation 5 Gifted To Him By Amazing Neighbour

Cancer Patient Has PlayStation 5 Gifted To Him By Amazing Neighbour

“I just think all the materialistic things aren't important.”

Imogen Donovan

Imogen Donovan

Sonny Boyd, a 10-year-old boy from South Philadelphia, was surprised with a brand-new PlayStation 5 from his neighbour who wanted to reward him for his bravery.

Angel Ortero, a high schooler who lives next door to Sonny, managed to get his hands on a PlayStation 5 after his mother entered a giveaway for the console. The short stocks of the next-gen systems are the result of the pandemic, as the manufacturing and freightage industries were immobilised frequently due to the risk of infection to those on the ground. Even SIE CEO Jim Ryan admitted that the road to launch was "challenging" throughout the year, but the teams around the world prevailed and secured Sony its biggest console launch ever.

Still, in spite of the success, lots of people are waiting to play the PlayStation 5, and the FOMO has forced some to buy from scalpers and others to hop onto PSN accounts to take advantage of the PS Plus Collection. One could say that it's gotten a little out of hand, especially when Sony has promised that more stock is on the way before the end of the year. So, with all of this in mind, it was very lucky that Angel's mother won a console in the sweepstakes, but he knew he had the power to pay it forward.

"Me being a 16-year-old kid, I was just excited to play it," said the teenager to local TV station 6ABC in an interview. "But I seen [sic] Sonny's post and I thought his happiness being [sic] at such a young age and what he's been gone [sic] through." The post published by Sonny's family explains that the young boy has been housebound since last October, owing to treatment and operations for brain cancer and his broken leg. "He hasn't been out of the house or seen daylight other than dr appts [sic]," it read, and stated that getting a PlayStation 5 for Christmas would mean the world to him.

The video of the surprise shows Angel arriving at Sonny's house, with the PlayStation 5 box in his hand. Sonny's family stand stunned as the boy pulls himself up from the sofa to greet his neighbour and shake his hand. "I just think all the materialistic things aren't as important as the smile I could put on his face," explained Angel. Sonny's mother insisted that she reimburse him for the gift, and once again, Angel chose to pay it forward.

"I wanted that gift to be from me to Sonny. So I took the money, bought as many toys as I could. I will be donating them to my grandmom," he continued. Angel's grandmother is a pastor, and will be sending the toys to impoverished children in the Dominican Republic. "I'm just keeping in mind all the hard things going around, the pandemic, all the struggles people are going through and if I could use my blessings and spread it with others just means the most to me."

What a legend. We're sure his actions will inspire many more over the festive season.

Featured Image Credit: 6ABC

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