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PlayStation 5 hardware just got a hefty price cut

PlayStation 5 hardware just got a hefty price cut

Run, don't walk to this impressive deal

PlayStation users in need of more storage space are in luck, as a nifty piece of hardware for the PS5 has slashed its price dramatically.

No, seriously, this price is too good to ignore.

Imagine you’re ready to start a new PlayStation game, only for your console to announce you don’t have enough storage space.

To avoid such horrors, it’s wise to have a backup handy – like the Seagate Game Drive for the PS5.

This small but mighty piece of tech will deliver 2TB of additional storage for you to utilise as you see fit.

Have you played Stellar Blade yet?

“Store your PS5 games and transfer them to the console when it’s time to play,” reads its description, which has us immediately adding it to our shopping carts.

Now that PS plus gamers can finally get a RPG they’ve been waiting for with bated breath, it’s time to bolster your memory reserves so you can begin your journey without any hitches.

Usually, the Seagate Game Drive retails at £93.83 on Amazon. However, by taking advantage of this price cut, you’ll get the 2TB beauty for only £71.99.

For those of you who can’t do the maths – it’s fine, I wouldn’t be able to without help – that’s a 23 percent price reduction.

This highly rated item isn’t going to be around forever, at least not at this price, and so we suggest you buy it now to prevent the pangs of FOMO you’ll feel if you don’t.

Amazon Prime members also have the added luxury of being able to get the game drive much quicker than their regular Amazon user counterparts. Still, even without Prime, you’ll have the drive in your hands by next week (if you order now).

Go on, treat yourself! It’s the start of a new month, spring has finally sprung, and new games are looming on the horizon.

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Featured Image Credit: Sony

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