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A PlayStation 1 classic is finally coming to PS5

A PlayStation 1 classic is finally coming to PS5

"This version will be the best way I could have played it!"

An absolute classic has just appeared on PlayStation 5, over 23 years since its release on the original PlayStation, and fans are over the moon.

The Legend of Dragoon is on its way to PlayStation 5 through PlayStation Plus Premium, a tier of the subscription services that has been arguably slacking when it comes to the reemergence of classic games for players. This time, there are four on offer: The Legend of Dragoon, Wild Arms 2, Harvest Moon: Back to Nature and... Destroy All Humans!. Well, that last one is the PS4 remake of the PS2 original, so I suppose it makes it into the category of "classic" by the skin of its teeth.

As well as these, Extra and Premium subscribers have also gotten access to Horizon Forbidden West, The Quarry, Resident Evil 7 Biohazard and more. Check out the trailer for Horizon's DLC below:

The Legend of Dragoon follows the swordsman Dart as he and his companions attempt to prevent the destruction of the world of Endiness. A story you've heard a thousand times before, but Endiness was and is unbelievably beautiful, in spite of the limits of the original console. Moreover, the combat allowed Dart to harness the power of Dragoon Spirits and utilise devastating magical attacks on the battlefield. On the PlayStation 5, the game is getting up-rendering, rewind, quick save, custom video filters and trophy support.

"I can't wait to play this again. They are literally sitting on a gold mine with their master class library amongst all the PlayStations over the years. Keep them coming!" said one subscriber. "This is amazing! I've wanted to play it since it first released, but things never quite lined up. This version will be the best way I could have played it!" added another, with fans reminiscing over their time with the RPG all those years ago and how exciting it is that it returned. As aforementioned, it's available now for those who pay for PlayStation Plus Premium.

Featured Image Credit: Nik B via Unsplash, NBC Universal

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