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Xbox gamers surprised with free game, no subscription needed

Xbox gamers surprised with free game, no subscription needed

Surprise! There's a new free game available

Sometimes, simplicity is the key to a fun game. If you’re ready to hear that truth, then you might also be ready to play Xbox’s surprise free game.

The game on offer is for all Xbox gamers, regardless of whether you have Xbox Game Pass or not. What is more, said game normally costs $19.99.

Pirates and Aztecs may not look like much, but this action and adventure experience might just surprise you along the way.

Are you ready to play Pirates and Aztecs?

“You are Lorencillo, a pirate searching for the greatest treasure of all time, the lost treasure of Moctezuma. He fights the fearsome Aztecs to obtain a map and a key, but not before resisting the attacks of great Aztec warriors.”

The description continues, “Pirates and Aztecs brings back the arcade style, allowing you to live the great emotions of these video games with an updated experience[...] Will you be the pirate who finds Montezuma's great lost treasure?”

As with most deals, there is a limited window of opportunity for you to download and play for free; after 25 April, Pirates and Aztecs will return to its full price.

As fellow gamers, we need to be transparent and explain that, from what reviews we could find, this title has garnered a mixed response. Some are downright disappointed by it, while others see promise, albeit limited.

This “very basic game” will remind you of early 90s video games, should you be old enough to remember just how bare bones some of those experiences were.

Pirates and Aztecs isn’t going to win any awards, we’re sorry to say. Nevertheless, it’s completely free for anyone who favours Microsoft over Sony; it’s a small win, but a win, nonetheless.

Xbox gamers can play on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, mobile, and PC – the choice is entirely yours. Now go, there’s treasure to be found!

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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