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Xbox drops surprise free downloads, no Game Pass required

Xbox drops surprise free downloads, no Game Pass required

And what attractive freebies these downloads are

Xbox gamers far and wide, gather around and we’ll tell you a tale of some surprise freebies that every one of you can enjoy without the need to sign up for Game Pass. We’d say it’s a Christmas miracle if it wasn’t the start of February.

It always brings us such joy to talk about Xbox in a positive light rather than having to reveal upsetting Microsoft layoffs, or a future where Xbox titles cost more than PlayStation 5 ones; it’s a welcome change of pace.

As previously mentioned, these free downloads require no Game Pass subscription, though you might have already signed up after seeing Palworld dominate and become the service’s biggest third party launch. No matter, you can still reap the rewards we speak of.

As part of Xbox Celebrates 2023, several dynamic backgrounds were created, with these backgrounds now available for Xbox players who want to spice up their aesthetic.

Already, fans are pleased with the options available. “These are so sick! Maybe one day the Switch and PS5 will get themes (here’s hoping!),” posted one fan in response to a quick overview of all the backgrounds on offer.

Reload the intensity of Persona 3 with Persona 3 Reload, available on Game Pass.

Someone else posted, “Aww man, first the dope Cyberpunk background now THIS!!! Thanks Xbox!” Before they added, “Now I just need the ability to have it randomly cycle the backgrounds of my choosing.”

Having seen all the backgrounds back to back, cycling might be a visually overwhelming assault on the eyes, though we guess it would keep you on your toes when scrolling through different menus.

If you want to give your Xbox a makeover with one of these “sick” options, go at it – the world is your oyster. Well, seven dynamic backgrounds are your oyster, but they each feel like a new world so same difference.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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