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Xbox Series X is hiding a secret feature that'll transform your single-player games

Xbox Series X is hiding a secret feature that'll transform your single-player games

This Xbox Series X feature is a game changer

The Xbox Series X is a beast of a machine. With so many features tucked away in menus, it can be difficult to keep track of them all.

One such feature will completely revolutionise how many will play single-player games going forward.

A recent stand out for us on Xbox Game Pass is Little Kitty, Big City

It’s an accessibility setting that will allow two controllers to act as one. You might wonder how this could help. It’s a really awesome feature for a wide range of players.

Not only would this help differently abled players by utilising two controllers for ease of use, but it’s a great tool for families too.

Xbox has been great at creating tools for disabled gamers to play various games. This simple change in the copilot settings can allow for a controller in each hand, for example.

Perhaps someone with restricted movement in one hand can’t operate a standard controller - this would allow more options for that player.

For families, this is a gem for when younger players get stuck in a game and need some help, but still want to have some control over what’s happening.

A second person could take up the other controller and take control of sword swinging, while the kid does all the character movement.

From what we can tell, this is only available on Xbox Series X/S. To enable this setting, you need to navigate to ‘Accessibility’ and then the ‘Controller’ section. Once here, find the ‘Copilot’ setting and decide which controller will work with the first one.

Now it’s switched on, you can pick up the second controller and help out, or connect a suitable secondary input to improve support for a differently abled member of the family.

It’s great to see features like this included, even if they seem tucked away. More ways to play games is never a bad thing and if it can help put games into the lives of more people, then we’re all for it. Good job, Microsoft.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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