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Xbox Series S price drops following fan backlash

Xbox Series S price drops following fan backlash

Xbox Series S consoles have received a price drop in Brazil following fan backlash to a recent rise.

It’s been quite the eventful week already for Xbox fans. Today though, I have some good news to share. The Xbox Series S will be receiving a price drop in Brazil following backlash to a recent price rise.

Xbox hit the headlines yesterday after users began experiencing a new error message, warning them that unauthorised third party controllers would be banned as soon as 12 November. You can see why this has caused so much upset. If you’ve spent money on a third-party accessory, it’s no use if that accessory becomes redundant. It’s particularly worrisome to Xbox users in the fighting game community - which utilises specialised controllers perhaps more so than other genres - as well as disabled gamers using third-party accessible devices. Alongside this news though, Xbox Series S prices were increased in Brazil but that decision has thankfully been reversed.

Take a look at the latest Xbox Series S below.

As pointed out by Twitter user IdleSloth84_, Microsoft increased the price of the Xbox Series S in Brazil by 35%. This put the total price of the console at R$3,599 which equates to around £588. That’s a sizeable increase - and shocking really when you consider that the Xbox Series S is now three years old. With an updated version of the console on the way, we should be seeing price drops.

Thankfully, the decision appears to have been reversed. The Brazilian Xbox store is now displaying the original price of R$2,649.00. Before the console reverted back to its original price, Xbox reportedly put out the following statement (via Insider Gaming): “On Xbox, we remain focused on delivering the best gaming experience across multiple price ranges, so players can choose the one that best suits their needs and game budget. In the coming weeks, we will begin reporting price adjustments for Xbox Series S consoles in Brazil.”

It was only the Series S model that was seemingly due to rise in price and honestly, the whole debacle is slightly bizarre. I’m not sure what Microsoft was thinking but at least we don’t have to ponder that thought any longer.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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