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Xbox owners looking to boycott controversial new feature

Xbox owners looking to boycott controversial new feature

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Angry Xbox owners remain in steadfast opposition to a proposed new feature, and may even go as far as boycotting the Xbox Series X/S over it.

It really feels like 2023 is the year Xbox got its groove back. A stellar showcase around June got everyone excited for the future of the console, and the reaction to Starfield largely confirms Microsoft has the exclusives to go toe-to-toe with PlayStation.

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Sadly, into every life a little rain must fall. And so it is that fans have become extremely concerned about comments made by Microsoft exec Sarah Bond which imply we may one day see ads running in our Xbox games.

"We invest a lot of time in how we introduce more business model diversity; how we create more options," said Bond told Rolling Stone.

"We talk a lot about Game Pass because subscription is the latest option that we scaled: you have pay-to-play, then there was free-to-play, and then we introduced Game Pass. We've talked about how we're experimenting with other models, like what does it mean for advertising in games which is more prevalent in mobile – are there models of that that work well in PC and console? Are there other models where you might have timed slices of games and stuff like that?" she continued. "Providing creators with options and choice enables them to experiment and do what they like, and actually create more immersive and creative experiences without having to fit into a mould."

While nothing is set in stone, fans have been quick to condemn the very idea.

“I’ll sell my Xbox the moment they start doing games with ads. Imagine being so far behind the competition and your response to that is… more ads to play from your ad-filled dashboard,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Same! Turn my back on Xbox the moment they will do this,” replied OldPixel1984. “Ads in games. She doesn't have any understanding of what gamers want. She got no taste,” added @Jackgamer74, which seems a little harsh.

While Microsoft has yet to confirm it will be putting ads in game, it wouldn't be the first time a company has done this. EA faced a wave of backlash after it put ads into UFC 4, before being swiftly removed. More recently, fans described Warner Bros. Games as ‘shameful’ when Hogwarts Legacy ads were found in Mortal Kombat 11.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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