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Xbox's next-gen hardware appears online, is coming way too soon

Xbox's next-gen hardware appears online, is coming way too soon

Xbox's next-gen hardware has already surfaced online.

The next generation of Xbox consoles may be arriving sooner than we think after evidence was spotted by Twitter user KoreaXboxnews.

It is rapidly approaching the fourth anniversary of the Xbox Series X/S and rumours have begun swirling on what could be next for the Microsoft units. With the PlayStation 5 Pro unit set to be the “world’s most powerful console” and set to arrive soon (despite direct confirmation from Sony), it is perhaps unsurprising that Microsoft has turned its attention to the future.

Check out the Xbox Series S in carbon black below!

With Microsoft yet to reveal anything publicly, it has turned to Xbox users to find out more and luckily, the Twitter account known as KoreaXboxnews may have some information.

According to the Tweet, a new Xbox dev kit has been rated in South Korea and was approved on 18 March. With all electronic devices in Korea needing to be certified by the National Radio Research Agency, this confirmation means that the device will now be able to be used in the country and “is likely to be distributed to game developers in Korea soon”.

That is about all the report reveals but that does mean that Microsoft is currently working on something. However, this could mean the next-gen Xbox console or something as simple as a mid-gen refresh. With games needing more and more power to run, it is no surprise that the Xbox Series X/S units are already hurtling towards the end of their lifespan.

Despite no confirmation from Microsoft, it is still an exciting rumour considering the Xbox Series X/S dev kits were accepted in South Korea in June 2020 ahead of its launch later that year in November. If that is the case, we could see the next Xbox released later this year.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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