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Xbox major system update available now includes some huge changes

Xbox major system update available now includes some huge changes

Some new features are coming in hot

Microsoft are rolling out an update for Xbox console this month and it has a few handy features its worth taking note of.

Players can find the update rolling out to consoles already - it should automatically download for most and you won’t need to take any action to install it if you have background downloads enabled.

Check your Xbox tonight to make sure your hardware is up to date

First up in the update we have Discord soundboard interactions. This is perfect for those who play with soundboards set up through Discord directly. It will enable you to hear and play sound clips directly from the board.

You can also disable this option by opening the Xbox guide and heading into the options menu and finding the soundboard submenu.

Secondly, a great update for those who back up their gaming shots and clips to OneDrive. There is now a feature that will tell you if you OneDrive folder is running low on space, directly on your Xbox. This is great if you don’t tend to check your storage limits that often.

The third update is ideal for families who share ownership of a console. You can now control who is able to download new games or apps, blocking some users, which can save your precious SSD space, or protect younger users.

For this option, simply head into settings > system > access restrictions and you’ll find the new options and can set up a pin number from here, if needed.

Microsoft are constantly rolling out updates for Series X and Series S to improve stability or introduce new features.

It’s worth mentioning that Microsoft is also bringing an update to PC this month that will bring with it Game Hubs, which gives you access to lots of handy information about your favourite games and brings it in line with Xbox.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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