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Xbox just ended support for one of its most popular games

Xbox just ended support for one of its most popular games

Microsoft reportedly ended support on Halo: The Master Chief Collection last year.

If you’re a Halo fan, I’m imagining you’ve spent quite a fair chunk of time with the Halo: The Master Chief Collection. After all, it’s home to so many of the franchise’s bangers.

It’s undoubtedly a very popular release and yet a new report suggests that Microsoft pulled the plug on post-release development on the project in July of 2023. This deep dive into the behind-the-scenes of The Master Chief Collection comes from YouTuber Rebs Gaming who claims to have obtained the knowledge from a “primary inside source”. Before we dive in, I have to urge you to take all of this information with a pinch of salt until anything is confirmed by Microsoft or 343 Industries.

Season Two of Halo is currently airing on Paramount Plus. Take a look at the show in action below.

The Master Chief Collection has had a rocky ride. It’s certainly come a long way from when it was first released but there’s no sugarcoating the fact that players had to endure several years of bugs and rocky updates. Fair to say though, it's been in far more of a playable state in recent years but you may have noticed that the last major content update landed in July 2023. In December, one developer on the game then shared an image of a gift they’d received, seemingly from 343, thanking them for their work on the release. A plaque read “11/2014 - 07/2023” seemingly marking the end of the game’s content updates.

Weirdly though, it’s not something that’s expressly been touched on by Microsoft or 343 Industries. According to Rebs Gaming, July 2023 was indeed the last content update with an inside source confirming as much. It’s believed that The Master Chief Collection wasn't much of a revenue driver which made Microsoft hesitant to provide development funding.

Microsoft was also fearful of an incoming recession, and thus decided to pull the plug. Rebs goes on to add that the decision didn’t go down well with 343 employees but that this isn’t the definitive end of The Master Chief Collection, with it being possible for development to resume should a viable revenue stream be added. There was, of course, the Spartan Points idea but this didn’t go down all that well with players back when it was brought to light.

It’s sad to hear but fans aren’t all that surprised. “MCC was fantastic (after it was fixed) and that model should be followed with a Gears collection focusing on Gears 1-3 + Spin off, but having no microtransactions built into it was always gonna cause it to end,” commented Reddit user LordSlasher, while HomeMadeShock added, “Well, the MCC got 10 years of support, that’s pretty damn good. It went from one of the worst launches in modern history to the golden standard of collection games.” You served us well, old friend.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft Studios, Microsoft

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